Tips on Cleaning Matted Eyes of Newborn Kittens

When you think about it, the good thing about cleaning an item or a surface is that if you damage it in any way, it can’t complain and there are no consequences. You’ll probably be mad at yourself for not being more careful. But what if the stakes are higher and the life of a newborn kitten depends on you? This probably isn’t news to you if you have experience with domestic animals but if you’re dealing with newborn kittens you should know that they often get matted eyes and it is up to you to clean them.


The matted eyes of newborn kittens could be a sign of an infection or a symptom of a more serious health issue. If the eyes are not cleaned properly the kittens might lose their sight eventually. Here is what you need to do in order to successfully clean the matted eyes of your kittens. You will need warm water, a soft and most importantly lint-free cloth, and a blanket.

Keep in mind that this cleaning procedure might be stressful for the little ones so they might not be willing to stand still. In this case scenario, wrap the kitten you’re about to treat in a blanket. It is important to restricts it’s legs so it won’t scratch you. Also, the kitten will feel more comfortable if you’re not touching it with your bare arms.

Moisten a soft (and clean) cloth with warm water and gently press it to one eye. Eventually, the matted crust will loosen up after a few minutes. Very gently wipe the eye and do not apply pressure. Also, do not try to pull the crust with your fingers. If the procedure is working then continue until the kitten is able to open its eyes.

You might have to repeat the procedure each day but eventually there will be improvement. Usually, the matted eyes won’t be a problem after two or three weeks. If the matted eyes look really bad and swollen then you should take your kittens to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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