Tips on How to Clean a Bug Zapper

Bug zappers are very convenient if you want to dine outside in the summer. They are electric insect-killing devices that attract bugs to an electrified killing grid enclosure with a simple light bulb. There are bug zappers that feature a tray for disposal of fried mosquitoes, flies, and other winged devils of the night but bug parts will often cling to the grid, thus a proper cleaning procedure must be conducted from time to time. We will share with you some very useful tips on how to clean a bug zapper properly.

First, set up a area where you will be able to clean undisturbed. Preferably, somewhere outside and make sure to get your cleaning supplies as well. Lining a large garbage can with a bag will be useful. Plug in your vacuum cleaner as well. Put on a protective mask and gloves – you never know what can happen and it is best to be protected.

Unplug your bug zapper, take it down from where it usually hangs and take it to your cleaning area. If your model has a tray then it would be best to clean it first. Take it out of the device and empty it out in the garbage can – after that set it aside for now. Bug parts that still cling can be removed with an old toothbrush.

In order to remove loose debris, place your bug zapper over the garbage can and vacuum any loose debris. Make sure to remove any parts of carcasses from the grid and the bottom of the device.

Prepare a simple cleaning solution of warm water and liquid soap and use it to clean the tray. You can use an old toothbrush to scrub dried on gunk. When you’ve removed all of the gunk successfully, rinse the tray properly and place it somewhere to air dry properly.

When the tray is absolutely dry, you can put it back in your bug zapper. After that, all you need to do is to re-hang your bug zapper and turn it on. Those bugs don’t stand a chance now!


Warning: In any case, do not put the tray back in your device if it is still wet. This may cause some serious damages to your bug zapper!

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